NEW Dakota SnoBlade Snow Removal Push Shovel on Wheels

This is a BRAND NEW in the box Dakota SnoBlade Snow Removal Push Shovel on Wheels. Discover the secret to snow removal in North Dakota. Made and assembled in the USA. You will not find a finer snow removal shovel on the market. If you have serious snow to move, look no further than the ORIGINAL Dakota SnoBlade w/ 36 Shovel Blade. This bi-directional snow blade makes it easy and simple to clear your drive and sidewalk in half the time with half the effort needed for conventional shoveling. The Dakota Sno-Blade’s simple design is ideal for use at home or at your business. Simply push and it will automatically pile the snow to the side you choose. Come back for your next pass, and with a flip of the blade, the snow is pilled to the same side, or snow can be piled to the opposite side by just walking the other direction. Need to change the direction of the pile in the same pass? Just turn the Sno-Blade 180 degrees and the snow is piled to the other side. The SnoBlade stores easily and takes up little room in your garage, just hang it on the wall. Dakota Sno-Blade is easy to use, the entire family can enjoy it. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You have our word that we will do everything we can for you. We always respond quickly and thank you again for your business. It may take a 7-10 days until your item leaves our international warehouse in route to your location.
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